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About Us

Comoran Pty. Ltd. has been in the business of software design since mid 1970's. We have developed and maintained a variety of software applications, including systems for Advertising and the Fast Moving Consumer Goods markets.

More recently we noticed a lack of availability of low cost, easy-to-use "diary" style booking software.
So often, we noticed, software packages concentrate on the client database aspect, and ignore the need to see at a glance what the clients have booked.

We decided to combine these two aspects into one system.

Our first development was for the group camping market, and we now have installations throughout Australia and in the US with our product called CAMPS.

A flow-on from this is our latest development, a facility booking software package, called FRONTDESK. Already this package is proving very popular, as it fills the needs of organisations who want to book/reserve facilities, keep track of clients and potentially share the information amongst multiple users. Often these organisations are small with little IT support, and so need a system that is very easy to install and use.

Our latest development recognises the move to web enabled software - webFrontdesk - it combines FRONTDESK PLUS AND FRONTDESK ENROL in one package that can be accessed from PC, Tablet or phone - we are very excited about this and look forward to a lot of our customers transferring to this package as well as many new customers who have been cautious about a desk top package - we recognise that this is indeed the way of the future!



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