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Q. We have several computers and we all want to enter/retrieve data. Can we network CAMPS?
A. CAMPS can be easily networked, so that several operators can be entering data at the same time, and everyone can be up-to-date with the latest information.

Q. I am not really familiar with computers. A lot of the software I have looked at seems so complicated and I am worried that I will not be able to run CAMPS.
A. Most of our customers are not particularly computer literate – their strength is in running campsites. CAMPS is specifically designed for the “not so literate” customer. We assume that you may not have a supporting IT Department, and handling computer problems is not your strength. Never will you be left with a problem unsolved.

Q. I have looked at other booking/reservation software and they just don’t seem to fit my camping centre environment. Our centre handles mainly groups, and we deal with one person for lots of campers. Is CAMPS just a modification of this type of software?
A. CAMPS has been specifically designed for the camping industry. It is not at all a modification of existing hotel/motel style booking software.

Q. I really need to establish a database of customers – does CAMPS have this?
A. CAMPS does indeed hold a database of your customers. When you enter a booking you can select from customers already on file, or add a new one “on the run”.

Q. I would like to be able to market to my customers, but I need to classify them, for example by Primary and Secondary Schools – can I do this with CAMPS?
A. Yes, CAMPS allows you to classify your clients by a “User Group”. The categories are set by you. You can have any breakdown of your clients. In addition, when you want to send a mail out to, say, all schools, CAMPS has a “Selective Mailing” option which allows you to just print labels on a standard letter or to Customise that letter via Mail Merge.

Q. Sometimes I make bookings two or three years ahead. Can CAMPS handle booking that far ahead?
A. CAMPS can book any number of years ahead.

Q. I would like my Logo on my Booking Form, receipts and Invoices. Can CAMPS include my Logo?
A. Yes.

Q. At our centre we have both groups and individual clients. Can CAMPS handle this?
A. CAMPS treats all customers the same, whether it is a group booking in 100 students or a family coming for a quiet weekend away.

Q. I have to report to a Committee each month and it takes me ages to put together the reports. I am so busy running the camp, that, sometimes, I have to stay up very late to get these reports done. Has CAMPS got reports that I could use?
A. A very frequent question! CAMPS has Income reports and Statistical reports, all activated by a click of the mouse. So many of our customers find that almost this alone justifies the purchase of CAMPS – the time saved and the lack of stress just before the meeting are worth so much! And remember – if the report isn’t part of CAMPS, then we will create it for you!

Q. As well as our group camps, we run “holiday camps” and we need to keep records of each person who comes. Does CAMPS come with this facility?
A. We have this module, and, for a small extra cost you can have a system that handles both your normal bookings and the individual campers for a “holiday camp” scenario. What’s more, not only can you register the camper, but you can Invoice and receipt him/her, allocate the camper to a room, and print out lists of camper in various forms, which can then be given to the Camp leader, the First Aider etc.


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