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FRONTDESK is a facility booking/reservation suite, allowing the user to book/reserve anything from meeting rooms, boats, bicycles/roller blades, real estate open houses, tennis courts, hire equipment (videos, TV's) etc.

Included in all suite members are:

  • Graphical Diary shows bookings at a glance
  • No more double bookings
  • Colour coding as to whether booking/reservation is tentative or confirmed
  • Database of customers
  • Repeat booking facility
  • Report of Bookings/Client Usage/Facility usage by any time period
  • Time Slots and Facilities customisable
  • Very User Friendly - most of our customers are new to computers
  • Networkable - everyone has access
  • No more paper diaries

FRONTDESKPLUS – includes all of FRONTDESK plus

  • Invoicing and receipting facilities.
  • Invoicing can be by booking or at month end for all bookings for the month.


And now we have webFrontdesk - combining Frontdesk Plus and Frontdesk Enrol - operated entirely from the web. Now you can be mobile - making and checking your booking status from anywhere and all devices. Click here to see a preview of our new offering! For Pricing please contact us on sales@easybook.com.au.

Hardware/Software requirements
PC any speed
Windows Vista, 7 +
Microsoft Access 2007 +


FRONTDESKENROL - If you run classes, teams, training of any sort then this is for you. Would suit swimming classes, classes at community centres, team sports, sporting complexes, education, corporate training, first aid classes.

Includes all of FRONTDESK, plus the following:

  • Database of enrolees
  • Class details - Instructor/Tutor, Cost (full and casual), dates, times, venue, special instructions
  • Enrolment by simple mouse click
  • Enrolee Confirmation letter
  • Receipts
  • Class Attendance record, including record of casual payments
  • Class enrolees list
  • Re Enrolment by simple mouse click
  • Transfer enrolment
  • Check on Maximum class size
  • Tutor/Instructor schedule
  • Income by Class
  • Outstanding payment report
  • Class Profitability report
  • Mailing labels



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